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Updated: Mar 19, 2023

There's something appropriate for an emerging artist to start a new blog and website in the Spring when everything in nature seems to be starting up again too. So here is the first green shoot of what I hope will blossom into a rich website and regular blog about my work as a Dorset artist. Without doubt it needs to be about thankfulness.

At present I'm particularly thankful for the encouragement that comes from membership of Lyme Bay Arts in Dorset and the can-do attitude of Phil at the Sou'-Sou'-West Gallery at the lovely Symondsbury Estate outside Bridport. Here I have found a first selling-home for some of my sculptures and paintings in both the shop and gallery during the varied and exciting programme of exhibitions. Do visit if ever you can.

Also I want to acknowledge in this opening blog the inspirational effect joining classes with Dorset Sculptor Clare Trenchard and online with the Sultan of Salisbury (so called by Portscatho Harbour Gallery) painter Jamel Akib have been. They are so generous sharing their skills and thanks to them there's always some work-in-progress on the easels in my studio in Charminster, Dorset.

Currently I'm waiting for my first bronze-resin, cold-cast sculptures to be ready so expect pictures of those soon. And I'm working on a commission painting for a major life event - as yet under wraps but watch this space.

What I can share for the first time is a new painting about New Life and in the spirit of this first blog it embodies thankfulness!

It's called 'First Breath' and is from a photograph taken at the prompting of the obstetric surgeon at baby's first cry after a category 1 emergency caesarean-section delivery. If you are very squeamish, Look Away Now!

His was a hairy journey into this world and baby was just 5lb5oz but his parents called him Theodore. Theo: of God Dore; Gift He's now a robust, talkative toddler.

Acrylic on box canvas 60x46x3.5cm Unframed Available.

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